Classroom tools designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the life and influence of Sam Houston are found in this section. Lesson plans, podcasts, games, a musical program for student performance, and links to many primary web resources are ready to help your students learn.

Classroom Podcasts


Use these 10-12 minute podcasts to launch classroom discussions, to supplement reading, to assign as homework, or as source material for reports and papers.

Free downloads off iTunes:  

Topics Are:

  • Honor and Integrity: Houston biographer James Haley reflects on Houston's principles and personality in terms of standing up to peer pressure.
  • Democracy vs. Dictatorship: American History Professor Dr. Susannah Ural discusses these different forms of government.
  • Texas Revolution:  Noted authority Jeff Dunn discusses the battles of the Texas Revolution and the people who fought them.
  • Sam Houston Among the Indians: Cherokee Elder Robert "Winter Owl" Vann comments on Native Americans in the United States and Texas, and Sam Houston's relationship with them.
  • Annexation: award winning Texas History teacher Lisa Shugart talks about the annexation of Texas into the United States.

Google Maps

Here you will find the exact locations of many important and fun to see places.  Most are photographed.  Some are places where Sam Houston lived, worked, fought, played and got married.  Some are the final resting places of many important people from the early 1800s.  One identifies museums which have exhibits from the period, and one is a map of the movement of the Texas Army between March 2-April 21, 1836.  See where they camped and fought.  Modern historical markers are also located.

Sites of Interest


This map identifies a few famous landmarks that were known to Sam Houston, the grave sites of some people who were important to Houston's life, the home sites of a few other people of note, the location of some early Texas towns, and other interesting sites.



The locations of many museums with displays from the early 1800s are pinpointed on this map.

Important Places in Sam Houston’s Life


This map locates places where Sam grew up, worked, fought, visited, got married, held office, and died.

Texas Army Movements and Revolution Sites


This map traces the movement, campsites, and battlefields of the Texas Army during March and April of 1836. The locations of modern historical markers are also included.

Graves of Early Texans


This map contains the burial locations for many important people from early Texas.

Musical on Sam Houston's Life

(Click Graphic for Free Materials)


Raven's Journey is a musical that combines music, art, and history to teach students about the life of Sam Houston. The format is a "living timeline" where students step out in character as Sam Houston to explain different periods of his life, with choral and dance performances taking place in between. The music comes from the Scott-Foresman CDs which are used in Texas, and all of the music is easily found in the public domain if live accompaniment is desired. The downloads are free and there are no fees for performance in a public or private school.


Here are some proven lesson plans on the life and times of General Houston. Click on the links to access them, and please send us your most successful lesson plans so that we can make them available to other teachers who would like to use them.  Send them to:

Games and Worksheets

Here are some games and Worksheets. Click on the links to access them.

Classroom Resources and Teacher Aides

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